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Lifewords 3.23.11 Prayer 6

lifewords 3.23.11

I pray the abiding presence of our Lord is yours today as you surrender all to Him. It is such a privilege to pray for you this morning before the dawn. Prayer is the focus of this week's lifewords and  Psalm 25 will greatly encourage you today. The Word of God is so rich!  I encourage you to read the entire Psalm because it is David's powerful prayer to God for help and it can become your prayer as well. Verses 12-15 are amazing concerning prayer.

Who is the man who fears the Lord?

He will instruct him in the way he should choose.

His soul will abide in prosperity,

and his descendants will inherit the land. 

The secret of the Lord is for those who fear Him.

And He will make them know His covenant.



Who is the person who fears the Lord? The word fear here is not like we might think of fear as being afraid of God. He is our loving Father who loves us with an everlasting love and desires to  forgive us, redeem us, live in us, have relationship with us and touch lives through us.  The word has the idea of one who who worships,  loves, honors, reveres, and obeys the Lord and His Word.

 He will instruct him in the way he should choose.The Lord will guide and instruct and lead this person in all his choices, decisions, in praying, in all of life.  He will instruct us how to choose to prayfor others and for this world,  how to decide to live, how to choose the path of life among many choices. He will guide us to decisions that lead to life and blessing. Sincerely worship, love, honor and obey the Lord continually, and the Holy Spirit will guide you continually. Exciting!


 His soul will abide in prosperity. What does this mean? It means that on the inside, this person will experience the shalom of God.  Peace, wellness, wholeness, blessing.  So, instead of fear, doubt, anxiety, confusion and emotional bankruptcy...the person who worships and honors the Lord and His Word will have peace, joy and emotional wellness.


 His descendents will inherit the land. As we sincerely honor and revere our King by our obedience to Him, our children will reap the benefits of this in their generation. His Lordship in our lives will cause us to train up our children  to  love and honor Him and will bring His blessing and favor to them.


The secret of the Lord is for those who fear (worship, honor, revere, obey) Him. As we spend time worshipping Him, loving His Word, honoring Him with our life, He will reveal truths to us that cannot be entrusted to others. Some translations say the "friendship" of the Lord, the intimacy of the Lord is to those who fear Him. The secret things are only known by close friends. Another translation says the "counsel" of the Lord. I sure want the Lord's counsel don't you?


He will make known to them His covenant. His covenant is His Word, His promises to us, His will for us.  The Bible reveals His covenant with mankind.

It is a covenant of His love.  He will reveal His Word to us. We will know and understand His Ways. He will demonstrate His covenant of love in our lives as we intentionally worship, love, honor, revere and obey Him by obeying the truth of the Bible and yielding to His leading. He does this for us not for our own benefit only. His purposes are always generational, global and eternal. Our understanding of His covenant is for the purpose of the Great Commission and being a conduit of His love and Gospel to a dying world. Our understanding of His covenant will effect lives for eternity. We must understand the urgency of the time and be alert to His leading.


Oh Lord teach us to live this way. Take a moment to pray for this verse to be a reality in  your life, the lives of your children and  in the lives of those you influence. I'm praying for YOU,  for you are His beloved. amy.



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