Tuesday, August 31, 2010


It's an awesome Tuesday and I really loved praying for you this morning.  Today's "lifewords" are on Praise. I pray you are greatly  encouraged.  

Blessed are those who have learned to shout praise to You. 

Lord, they live in the light of Your favor. 

All day long they are full of joy because of who You are. 

They praise You because You do what is right. 

You are their glory.  You give them strength. Ps. 89.15-17


As believers, we can learn to live an extraordinary lifestyle of praise! It is one of the most important aspects of our Christian journey. In this verse, we see that those who have learned to praise God, live in the light of His favor.  Wow! We experience His favor in our lives as we learn to be people of praise. All day long we can be full of JOY as we remember who He is. And....He will give us strength.  I need His strength so desperately for this journey don't you? What if we could teach our precious children  and the young people around us that a lifestyle of sincere praise brings God's favor and strength.  His presence is real. Everything else pales in comparison to the reality of Him.

How about this? Before you get out of bed, let your first words be words of thanks to your Lord. Thank Him for everything you can think of! Praise Him for Who He is and for His faithfulness. Throughout the day, stop and worship Him, tell Him you love Him.   You can do this anywhere! Praise has a voice. Praise is expressed. He is so worthy of all of our praise. He inhabits the praises of His people. Praise gets our eyes off of our circumstances and feelings and onto His greatness. Praise keeps our faith airborne.  Praise confounds and paralyzes our spiritual enemies.   Worship keeps us connected in an abiding relationship with the Master. In worship, there is life and peace and love. In worship, we can be saturated with His presence.  I love to worship with all that is in me on Sundays and Wednesdays and whenever I have the privilege of gathering with the family of God. But, worship is not a Sunday morning experience only! Worship is to be a lifestyle.  Especially when unexpected things happen!  We can on purpose decide to praise instead of get in fear.  A lifestyle of worship is always on purpose and deliberate. The last words on our lips before we go to sleep can be words of adoration to  God.

 And so, right here at my desk, and right where you are, we can stop and lift our hands to our King and begin to praise Him.  We can shut down all our many  thoughts and just love Him and thank Him and worship Him. As you draw near to Him by faith, He draws near to you.  Lord, thank you for rescuing me. I am so grateful, so thankful for your goodness. Thank you for loving me.  Thank you for redeeming me. Thank you for forgiving me........I praise you because you are my Lord. You are faithful. I praise you for You are the King of All, the Beginning and the End, You are my Healer, You are my Provider, You are my All in All...... Oh how wonderful You are.  Lord I worship you. I love you so. I adore you...... As we worship, a beautiful exchange begins to happen. We decrease, He increases. The Holy Spirit begins to bring to our remembrance wonderful promises from His Word....I will never leave or forsake you......I love you with an everlasting love....I am the Lord is there anything too difficult for Me?  In His presence, He will restore peace, faith and joy to us. Know today that all is well, because He is Lord and He loves us.  Let's learn to praise Him continually and on purpose!

Ps. 89:1

Lord, I will sing about your great love forever.

 For all time to come, I will tell how faithful you are!


Tomorrow, Sept 1! Join us in reading through the Gospels Psalms and Proverbs Sept. -December.
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Monday, August 30, 2010

lifewordslifewordslifewords 08.30.10

lifewordslifewordslifewords 08.30.10
Hello and its a great Monday. I loved praying for you today. What a privilege it is to bring your name before our Father.   Prayer is so powerful!  Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading "lifewords" I pray they will bless and encourage you! amy

 Ps. 55:2
Cast your burden upon the Lord and He shall sustain you.
He will never allow the righteous to be moved.

Our Lord is so awesome today!  His Word is  alive.

He has lavished His love on us, redeemed us, rescued us, forgiven us,

cleansed us by His blood, clothed us with His righteousness,

 given us eternal life,

restored access to fellowship with the Father.

All this so that we could become a new creation in Him, a new "wineskin."

Now He invites us to become His very dwelling place. He wants to take up residence in us, to fill us with the "new wine" of His presence.  He is the Head, we are the Body. He is the Vine, we are the branches. Oh that we would remember today that our resurrected Lord lives in us!

We are alive in Him. And because of His relentless love for this world He has commissioned us

to revolutionize this world with His love and presence and power.  

Every day is an adventure. No day should be ordinary. Because we are not ordinary humans.

We are not our own, but belong to our King and the Lover of our Souls.

 Remember this today...... Every circumstance in your life is temporal and subject to change.

Keep God's Word as your priority, meditate on it, put it in your mouth. Become a person of persistent prayer.  Be an extreme worshipper. And make up your mind to be a blessing to the world.  Ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to see hurting people and He will show you how to love them. Share the gospel, snatch someone of the path of destruction

and set them on the path of life, pray for sick people, encourage people,

have life filled words not words of doubt, give someone the gift of listening and caring,

 pray for people, help someone,stretch your hands out to the needy, dare to believe that no matter what is going on in your life,  you still have breath to praise Him

and He has a divine purpose for your life. Expectation is key. Whatever you do, refuse discouragement  and anxiety.  The moment either of these  knock on your door, don't open it!  Lift your hands to God and begin to worship Him and love Him and trust Him. Begin to rehearse the promises of God in your mind instead of your circumstances.

Refuse apathy, laziness, boredom and selfishness.

 Refuse to be talked into mediocre living, shallow commitment to the kingdom or half hearted Christianity. Offer all of you to God today. Ask Him to show you areas that need to be dealt with in your life. Repent of sin, receive forgiveness and  then go forward.

Ask Him to fill you with His fullness and admit your absolute need for His grace every moment of this day.  We can do nothing apart from Him.  It's all about Him.

Celebrate His faithfulness today. You are His beloved one. You are highly favored and cherished so dearly. His desire is relationship and intimacy with you today. His desire for you today is to live in His JOY!

Join us Sept 1 in reading through the Gospels, Psalms and Proverbs Sept-Dec.!

Jesus said Pray!

lifewordslifewordslifewords  08.27.10
Jesus said Pray!

 I want to encourage you to keep praying!

 It is the greatest privilege of every believer.  Because the Holy Spirit is our Teacher, every believer can master the art of prayer!

Jesus prayed to His Father. He prayed often. He did nothing without prayer. 

He instructs us to Pray.

His very blood made a way for us to have access to pray to The Father

and to come into His presence. 

He gave us His authority over all the works of the enemy

when we use His Name. 

Never forget the authority you have been given in prayer.

God responds to faith- filled praying, praying according to His will.

Pray daily, pray continually, pray in the morning, pray at night. 

Talk to God, take authority over the works of the enemy.

 Push back the forces of darkness through prayer.

Take your place in prayer, never let it go by the wayside.

Stay fervent in it.

You are not just subject to every circumstance that comes your way! 

Everything you can see or experience right now is subject to change. 

He is the Master of Breakthroughs! 

He interrupts situations as we call on Him in prayer!

 His is the Name above every name.

 Pray for God's will, His wisdom, His direction, His help,

Pray with your spouse, pray for your family, pray with your children,

pray for your friends, pray for your church, pray for our nation,

pray for the nations of the world.  Pray for lost souls. Pray for the captives. Pray for the persecuted church. Pray for the babies who must be born.

Pray for our land. Pray for our government.

 Pray according to the Word of God.  Pray the prayer of faith

 Pray the prayer of agreement with someone.

 As a person of prayer you are powerful!

Don't complain--pray!  Don't worry--pray! 

Don't get overwhelmed--pray.  Don't quit--pray!

Don't get bored, lazy or apathetic--pray!

Talk to God!

 Ask and keep on asking.  Seek and keep on seeking. Knock and keep on knocking. 

Until when? 

 Until you see a cloud the size of a man's hand on the horizon! 

The rain is coming.  The impossible is becoming possible.

 Everyone who asks receives, all who seek, find

and to everyone who knocks the door is opened. 

 Jesus said that. Keep on praying. 

 Remember Daniel.  He prayed 21 days with no sign of change. 

 Why.  The answer was delayed by enemy resistance.

We have an enemy today, who came not but to kill steal and destroy,

who resists the plan of God  and the people of God relentlessly.

But through persistent prayer, God's purposes break through resistance.  

Pray according to God's revealed will in His Word.

If we don't know the will of God about a situation,

we can pray for wisdom in how to pray.

When you pray, thank and praise God for the breakthrough.

Praise must always accompany true praying.

Let's give ourselves to prayer.

Whatever business we do, whatever activity we do,

make sure prayer is at the forefront. 

 Finally, learn to LISTEN in prayer.

The precious Holy Spirit will teach us how to pray well

when we learn not to do all the talking. 

Spend as much time listening and meditating on His Word as you do speaking and you will be transformed into a world-class, Spirit- led prayer warrior

whom God will use mightily on this Earth for His eternal purposes.


committed to prayer.


Join us Sept. 1 as we read through the Gospels, Psalms and Proverbs
from Sept-December

Thursday, August 26, 2010

See and Believe the WORD, not the circumstance

lifewordslifewordslifewords 08.26.10
see and believe the Word, not the circumstance
Hi it's a great Thursday and Jesus is Lord over all!! He is faithful, ever present and true.He is worthy of all our love, all of our worship today. I prayed for you fervently as the sun came up this morning. Prayer is powerful!  I'm so glad He has given the vehicle of prayer that we can ask, and receive!  You are awesome, because He  has forgiven you, redeemed you, rescued you, transformed you, and lives in you. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a great day. All is well because His love is sure, His Word is true and His mercies are new this day.  Thanks for reading "lifewords". I pray they will encourage you, bless you and build you up in Him.   Amy
 Today I want to encourage you to fix your eyes on the Word of God. Make God's Word the most important priority of your life. The Word is alive and living and powerful. And as you do, praise Him! Read, meditate, study, speak the Word......and keep praising Him! Jesus said we can't live on bread alone....natural things.  He said we live by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God. His Word will refresh you today.  It will strengthen you today. The Word of His power will build you up today.  Don't be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind to the Word of God!  And if you do this you will know the will of God for your life.  You will have wisdom and understanding. God wants to fellowship with you in His Word this day and every day.  He WILL speak to you!  We know that storms will come.  Trials will come.  You may be in some storms and trials right now as you read this.  You may be like Peter im Matthew 12:29-31, with wind and waves all around you and Jesus is asking you to step out of the boat onto the water and do the impossible. Peter fixed his eyes on Jesus and walked on the water, defying all his natural reasoning.  When he took his eyes off Jesus he began to sink.  So it it with us this day.  We must fix our eyes on the Word (Jesus is the Word), it will anchor us and enable us to walk in victory over trials and overcome the resistance of the enemy.  He is the Author and the Finisher. Make His Word your priority every day.  On purpose.  Delight in it! And meditate in His Word day and night. Day and night. Day and night. Psalm 1 declares that you will be like a tree planted by rivers of water,  your leaf will not wither, you will bear lots of fruit and in all you do you will prosper. And you, my dear friend, will know your God.  Those that do know their God will be strong and do exploits (Daniel 11). Never forget, you are loved by God with an everlasting love today.
Plan to join us beginning Sept 1 as we read through the Gospels, Psalms and Proverbs from Sept.-Dec.