Monday, November 18, 2013

"In the Secret Place" #15 Discovering the Holy Spirit in the Secret Place

lifewords  "In the Secret Place"  #15 
Discovering the Holy Spirit in the Secret Place

  As we follow Jesus' earthly example of meeting with the Father in secret prayer, the Holy Spirit is our intimate Teacher Helper.   Aren't you glad that Jesus came to this world, born as a man, lived a sinless life completely yielded to the Holy Spirit and the will of the Father and demonstrated  to us the love and kingdom of God?   Lord thank You that You paid for our sin by Your substitutionary  death on the cross, redeemed us from death and hell by Your precious blood, rose from the dead to guarantee us eternal life,  and   have brought us back into relationship with the Father! 


Our Jesus has made us alive in Him,  and He has brought us out of darkness into His marvelous light! He has reconciled us back to a place of God's sons and daughters! We have been redeemed from the curse! We have access to His presence, no longer separated! We have the assurance of eternal life with Him!  Then, having finished all, before He left this earth to go back to the Father, He gave us instructions to  love our God, love others, be One and preach this Good News to all the Earth. He promised that when He left He would send Another, the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth, to be with us and live in us forever.  And He did!  Thank you Lord! This was the end game of the Father. He wanted a dwelling place not made with human hands but our very hearts and lives. So Jesus went back to heaven and the Holy Spirit came to this earth to live in us and through us, and prepare  us to be His glorious Church, His Bride.  Christ, through the Holy Spirit, is living in you and me. Jesus is the Head and we are His Body. 


Jesus spoke much of the Holy Spirit and He said that the Holy Spirit will fill you,teach you, guide you,reveal truth to you, comfort you,empower you, transform you and demonstrate the Word of God in and through your life. He will give you power over sin and power to be a witness to fulfill the Great Commission given by Jesus. The Holy Spirit teaches us how to pray. He  illuminates God's Word. He helps us live a holy life, pleasing to God. He causes us to succeed, as we rely on Him through our weakness. He will cause His fruit to be demonstrated in our life.  You will know Him in the Secret Place, and He will show you how to abide in Him, be familiar with His voice and live every day for His glory.


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