Monday, December 2, 2013

"In the Secret Place," # 20, Emmanuel God with Us

lifewords  "In the Secret Place"  #20 
Emmanuel  God with Us

It's the very beginning of December and what if every day  we truly live in the reality of knowing Emmanuel, God with us. He is love and He wants to be with us! Remember He created us because He desired relationship with His family. He walked with Adam in the cool of the day, in relationship. We were separated from Him by sin, but in His love He  initiated His redemptive plan to reconcile us to Himself by sending His Son to become a human being.  His Name would be called Emmanuel God with us. This promise if for the entire world. Im so thankful He is with us and will never leave us or forsake us. The Light of the World came to earth to bring us out of darkness and into His light.. The Savior of the World came to rescue us from an eternal separation from God. The Prince of Peace came to dispel our fear and the turmoil of this earth. The King of Kings came as a precious baby who really was born in a stable and was wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in a manger or "feeding trough".   One of my favorite things is that manger.   The word is "feeding trough".  Jesus, the Word of God, laying in the feeding trough where the animals would typically come to eat each day.  He is the Bread of Life!  His Word is our daily food.  How we need to come to the feeding trough of the Word of God and find Him there each day. He is Emmanuel, God with us   and is now revealed through YOU and I.  Let's  encounter Him in a fresh new way in the Secret Place. He is Emmanuel, God with us, revealed in us, loving this world through us. Thank you Lord!


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