Wednesday, February 16, 2011


lifewords 02.16.11

covenant love

I'm praying for you now on this beautiful February 16. This week I'm praying that the Lord would give you an even greater capacity to understand and receive His love for you.  He calls you His beloved today.  He loves you with an everlasting love.  When we understand how we are loved and cherished by Him, we will be completely set free of fear, insecurities, condemnation, selfishness and be able to love others freely with His love. In God's Word we discover different words used concerning God's love for us. Many times the word "agape" is used to convey this unconditional, lavish love. (John 3:16) Another word frequently used for love, mercy, and  loving-kindness in God's Word is "hesed" and has the idea of covenant love. An example of this is found on Hosea 2:21 where God is addressing Israel as His covenant bride. "I shall betroth you to Myself forever, I shall betroth you in uprightness and justice, and faithful love (hesed) and tenderness."  It is also the word used Psalm 136, 26 times in every verse  declaring "for His (hesed) covenant love is everlasting." It  can be trusted and will never fail. We can't earn it, increase or diminish it by our works. But we can receive it, trust in it and be so transformed and filled by it that it that it enables us to fulfill the commands Jesus gave us to love the Lord our God with all, and love others as ourselves and fulfill the Great Commission with which He has charged every believer. Our understanding of this HESED love will affect our relationship with the Lord, our relationships with others and every motivation of our heart. We can trust in His love today!  Psalm 33:18-22 is another Psalm that speaks of this covenant love. As you read it, meditate on each part.


  Behold,  The Eye of the Lord is on those who Revere Him (worshipping with awe),on those trusting in His MERCY (hesed - covenant love), to save their soul from death, to keep them alive in famine.  Our soul waits (depends upon and hopes in) for the Lord; HE is Our Help And Our Shield.  Yes,In Him our heart shall rejoice; for WE HAVE TRUSTED IN HIS HOLY NAME.   Let Your LOVING KINDNESS (COVENANT LOVE), O Lord, BE UPON US,  ACCORDING as we hope in You.


Oh that we would remember, trust in and declare His covenant love for us today!

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