Friday, April 6, 2012

Lifewords strength to strength series 23 of 30

lifewords strength to strength series 23/30  Good Friday
Strength  in the Cross

It's Good Friday!  One of the most powerful things we can remember as we think about our Savior on the Cross is the STRENGTH that comes to us when we receive the forgiveness He purchased for us   by His blood. That blood has power today! Oh that precious blood of the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world.  God pursued us when we were separated from Him because of sin, without hope,earth to rescue every one of us from sin and death.  Jesus came to seek and save that which was lost!
When we see the cross today, we can see forgiveness, reconciliation, and victory over the devil.  Receiving Forgiveness is an incredibly powerful aspect to receiving strength. Sin in our lives depletes strength. Rebellion in our lives saps our spiritual strength. But the greatest news is that His mercies are new every morning!  Forgiveness available because of the Cross. Today and every day of our lives we can act on 1 John 1:9. That if we confess our sin He is faithful to forgive us and cleanse us of all unrighteousness.

So  let's not just see the cross from a distance, let's come near to that cross now, acknowledge our failures and receive His mercy and forgiveness. Jesus paid the penalty for sin once and for all, He said "It is finished", He conquered death, rose from the dead, took His blood to that Mercy Seat to make atonement once and for all for all the sin of every person!  The veil in the temple was rent from top to bottom signifying that now there is no more separation between God and man because of the new and living way provided by Jesus. Now, this day,  and every day, we can approach our Father, bring all of our failures, our weakness, our sin, our mistakes to Him openly and receive mercy, forgiveness and cleansing!!!!  His blood is so powerful.

With forgiveness comes strength and a fresh renewing of His presence in our lives.So today, thank our Lord for the Cross, for His powerful blood that He shed so all of us can be forgiven. Because of that forgiveness, He now lives in us in the power of an endless life, and we have fellowship with Him continually. With daily repentance and receiving of forgiveness comes great strength in Him, because sin no longer holds us in its grip. Rejoice in the Cross! Jesus thank you, precious Lamb of God, for taking away our sin and the sin of the world by your Blood, by Your death on that cross. Love. Love. Love. Amazing Love.

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