Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lifewords, Prayer Series, 5 of 30

Lifewords  Prayer series 5 of 30 
Entering His Gates with Thanksgiving
and His Courts with Praise


Interestingly, the first item in the courtyard of the Tabernacle of Moses, was the brazen altar, on which the sacrifices were to be made to atone for the sins of the people. It is a picture for us today as we approach our Father in prayer.  We are to present our bodies a living sacrifice, exchanging our will for His. As we come into our time of prayer, we bring a sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving, understanding that Jesus is the Lamb of God, and His death and shed blood on the Cross provided the atoning sacrifice for sin once and for all for all people!


Our life of prayer must be saturated with much thanksgiving and praise and worship. Remember, Psalm 100 says, "I will enter your gates with thanksgiving my heart and into your courts with praise."  As we come into our secret time of prayer, and all day long, we should give thanks to the Lord with all our hearts, remembering His wonderful deeds and His faithfulness and love. Regardless of circumstances or how we feel, we can  decide to praise to His Name! He is our Redeemer, our Shepherd, our Provider, our Rock and our Fortress and our Deliverer, our God our Rock in Whom we take refuge, our Shield and our Salvation, our Stronghold!  He is worthy to be praised. We can learn how to praise our Lord by spending time daily in the Psalms! True Thanksgiving, praise and worship are  expressed by words and actions.  Lord we will give thanks to You with our whole heart. We will recount all your wonderful deeds.  We will be glad and exult in You, We will sing praise to your Name Oh Most High! (From Psalm 9)


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