Wednesday, May 1, 2013

lifewords "Secret Place" series 1 of 30

Good morning! You are the Lord's beloved one. Thanks for beginning this new month of LifeWords with me. This series is "The Secret Place" and I pray we will be transformed by the Word daily. LifeWords is an encouraging exhortation written right from what the Lord teaches me in His Word each morning. These devotions are not heavily revised, but I believe will be a fresh, "now" truth from His Word that will inspire, and prepare you for the days ahead. I'm praying that God will give you an expectancy of hearing directly from Him as you read these devotions.


So, let's open our hearts to receive from the Lord now. The Holy Spirit will teach us and illuminate God's Word in our inner man. He will cause the written Word to become the living Word written in our hearts, transforming and renewing our minds. Father, thank you for Your love and presence in our lives. Thank you for Your redeeming blood that forgives and washes us now. Thank You for Your Word! Jesus we love You. Teach us to abide in You, know You, and recognize Your leading. Open our understanding to the times we are in, live in us and through us to bring your love to those around us. Holy Spirit we honor You and welcome You. In Jesus Name.


Prayer in the "Secret Place" is the key to our life in Christ. Jesus said in Matthew 6:6 (M66),"When you pray, Go into your room (closet, private place) and close the door and pray to your Father Who is in secret. And Your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly." M66. Meditate on it, think about it, ask the Lord to reveal Truth that you will live out as you obey this Word! M66. Can you sense the Father drawing you to meet with Him in this secret place before your day begins, or during your day, or before you go to bed? In the secret place of His presence is where we will have relationship with Him. Be sure to have your Bible, because Prayer has two components. It is listening to God by reading His Word with an open heart. Sometimes it is just being still in His presence, waiting upon Him, loving Him, worshipping Him, receiving from Him, BEING with Him! The other side of prayer is our speaking. If you will spend more time listening, yielding and receiving than speaking, then the words that you do pray will be powerful and led by the Holy Spirit. In the "Secret Place" we will find Him. In the Secret Place we will know Him as our All in All. There is no limit to how closely we can know Him, abide in Him, and be completely free in His love, yielded to his leading. M66. Can you imagine that the Lord delights to meet with you in secret? Wow! If that wasn't enough, He will also reward you openly. This truth makes me laugh with joy!

Remember that tomorrow, Thursday, is our National Day of Prayer, gather with The Church in your city!

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