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Lifewords, prayer series, 14 of 30

lifewords, prayer series, 14 of 30 
Waiting on the Lord IV


Jesus said we are to pray much. In following His example, the Holy Spirit will teach us how to have an abiding prayer relationship with Him, moment by moment. Oh this is the most imperative, the most exciting foundational aspect of our life in Christ and it is the key to all!. Jesus  also taught us, by His habit and by His Word, that we are to establish a time to go into a set apart place and meet with our Father alone. This is the necessity of each day! 


An important aspect of our prayer time is learning to "wait on the Lord."

The most often used word in the Old Testament for Wait, in the Hebrew, is the word Qavah, which means to hope or wait with expectation! Hebrew words are often a picture of the meaning of the word and in this case, the word has the connotation of a rope bound together. I believe it is the binding together of hope and expectation in looking to our Faithful Lord who will meet us and  who will watch over His Word to perform it. We are not waiting, just to be waiting. We are looking to our King and His Word, confident of His covenant love for us and His faithfulness to His Word.

I absolutely love Psalm 59:9.10

O my Strength, I will watch for you, for you O God are my fortress. 

My God in His steadfast love will meet me; 

God will let me look in triumph on my enemies.


When David wrote this psalm he was on the run for his life.  Saul had sent assassins to kill him. But he does not allow himself to get overwhelmed. He is looking, watching, waiting expectantly knowing God will meet him. Refusing to be moved by the hopeless circumstance he looks to God knowing the God will meet him on his battlefield.  He says, 'my God in His steadfast love (love is "hesed" meaning covenant love!)  will meet me'. That word "Meet" has the connotation of  having an appointment with someone and arriving in advance to make preparation. In other words, God is already ahead of us, on our battlefield waiting to meet us  with provision for victory.

We are His covenant Children. Our Father delights to arrive on our battlefield in advance with His provision, protections and purposes. He will meet us. That is what covenant love is. So learn to wait, not just for the sake of waiting, but by looking with expectation to His promises, understanding His absolute faithfulness,  until your faith soars with confidence that will enable you to stand, to defeat the enemy and to walk in God's plan!  Let's master  art of waiting on the Lord, He will strengthen us, He will meet us! My soul waits in silence for God alone.....wait, I say, on the Lord!


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