Tuesday, July 13, 2010

He must increase, but I must decrease

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I'm praying for you this beautiful Tuesday morning. His living Word is a light to your path and a lamp to your feet this day. You are surely His dearly beloved one.
I awoke this morning with the words of John the Baptist resounding in my thoughts.  Speaking of Jesus the Bridegroom in John 3:30, he proclaims,
 "He must increase, but I must decrease."  Daily I realize how much of me is still dominating in my life.   I'm so thankful that this day is a new day to submit to His Lordship.....in my thoughts, in my words and my actions. Jesus!  Be glorified in our lives.  Oh that that His love, joy, peace would reign in our hearts and that His will would supercede our flesh. Isn't it great that His mercies are new every morning?  Each day is a new day for His grace. 
I've been pondering how these words become real in my life. 
Me decreasing.  Him increasing.  I know for sure He wants to to increase in our lives to such a degree that we begin to look like Him, sound like Him, speak like Him, love like Him.  That more and more, we abandon wanting our way for desiring His ways and serving others. My precious daughter had some wonderful insight on John the Baptist this morning.  These words about him decreasing and Jesus increasing meant that  he was willing and prepared to abandon His ideas about his life and his future to the plan of God. Are we willing to submit our ideas about our plans for our lives to His Lordship?  Are we willing each day to be ruled by His love, not by our flesh?
 I think there are many ways He wants to increase.  One way is sure.  As the Word of God increases in our life, He increases. Jesus is the Word!  The Word increasing in our lives, means He is increasing.  His Word is His will. His Word is His plan.  Remember in the book of Acts it says that the Word grew, it increased in the Church.  Then it says that the Word began to multiply. It also says that the Word began to prevail.  This is exactly what begins to happen in us as we become passionate about the Word.  It will grow, increase, multiply and begin to prevail in us.  When this happens, He will be increasing and we will be decreasing. Let's make living Word our priority.  O Lord, we pray this day that You would increase in our life, in our families, in your Church. We pray that you would help us to decrease, that You would be seen in us.
40 Days through the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs
Day 13/40    Proverbs 13     Psalms 26-29     Luke 12-16

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