Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lifewords strength to strength series 19 of 30 Jesus received strength through prayer

lifewords  strength to strength series 19/30 
Jesus received Strength through Prayer

We receive God's strength in prayer. Jesus, when he walked on this Earth, gave us the supreme example of finding strength in prayer. A prevailing aspect of His life was His habit of prayer. His communion with His Father was paramount and we see His persistence in prayer over and over again in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Prayer was not secondary to our Lord. He was continually meeting with the Father in fellowship, in preparation, in needing council, in needing the strength of His Father, in sanctification,  in ministering to people, in interceding for His men, at night, in morning, in daylight, prayer was the essence of His life.

We see Him in prayer, in supplication, in agony, in tears, and we see Him also praying with great joy and expectation of His Father's will being accomplished. Our Jesus was a busy man, but never too busy to pray. He prayed often, He prayed alone and He prayed with others. He was continually dependent on the Father in prayer. He was  in complete unity and conformity with the will of God. When in the Garden, needing strength to complete the will of the Father, He prayed. And He received it.  He often rose a great while before the dawn to meet with the Father alone, to receive what He had need of for the day.

As followers of Christ, our  intentional commitment to early morning prayer, continual prayer and much prayer should be the order of the day. If we are too busy to pray, we are too busy. And our busy lives are fruitless without prayer! We are weak without prayer, but much prayer brings much strength. As followers of Christ, let's follow Him in His habit of receiving strength through prayer.  "Ask and you shall receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you." Matthew 7:7 

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