Thursday, September 23, 2010

Abiding . . . Rest is a great thing!

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I love this very short sentence Jesus said to his disciples in Mark 6:31.

Then Jesus said,

 "Let's get away from the crowds for a while and rest."

Our King understands the necessity of rest. I pray that each day day you will be able to come away from the business, the clamour, the people, and find refreshing in Him. Remember Jesus' exhortation to us to Come unto Him all who labor and are heavy laden and He will give us rest? We can do nothing apart from Him. He wants us to learn the lesson of John 15 the branch abiding in the vine.

Today spend time with the Lover of Your soul who will refresh you, His Word will build you up on the inside. And ask Him to fill you afresh with His love and presence. As you rest in Him, I'm praying for strength and wisdom and encouragement for you. Rest is a great thing. Our Master recognized the importance of it. Rest, laugh, have fun, worship, enjoy a beautiful place in God's creation, do something you love with those who are close to you, or do nothing at all and just enjoy His presence and love....and enjoy resting. It's not a waste of time, it is a great investment that will help you refocus and be strengthened in Him.

 As you rest, give all your anxiety, stress, worry, heaviness to our Lord and allow Him to exchange your yoke for His, which is light! All is well, because He is the Lord over our lives, our children, our families......every situation and circumstance. People who "get away from the crowds a while and rest" will have joy, energy, passion and longevity for the journey.  Do it. And when you do, be completely in the moment....don't worry about everything else you should be doing! Enjoy resting and know that the Master is pleased.

 God's Word is so powerful. His love amazing. His faithfulness endures forever.

 Praying for you, amy

Through the Gospels, Psalms and Proverbs Sept.-Dec.
Today's chapters to delight in:  Proverbs 23,   Psalms 47,48   Matthew 18,19

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