Friday, September 10, 2010

Seated at the Table

lifewordslifewordslifewords   Sept. 10, 2010
Seated at the Table 
 Today is an awesome Friday and His mercies are new today. His Word is fresh for you, and able to build you up.  You are so loved by our Lord it's amazing.  I prayed for you this morning in the dark, by name, and it was such a privilege because He is the God who answers prayer.  I love our Lord so much don't you?  Isn't His love just overwhelming?  Enjoy Lifewords, I pray the Holy Spirit will encourage you bigtime. amy

 One great focus today. 

  Stay seated at His table, the Table of  His Grace.

Oh His grace is lavish for you, it is abundant and sufficient,

 just stay at the table!!!! 

 Psalm 23:5 in the TEV translation is incredible.

 "You prepare a banquet table before me, where all my enemies can see me; You welcome me as an honored guest
  and fill my cup to the brim." 

As long as you stay seated, in your heart, at the table of His Word,  the table of His presence,  the table of worship, the table of  fellowship with Him, the table of being a part of the Body of Christ.  All these things cause you to remain at the table, where He can fill your cup continually.  Stay steady. Stay anchored. This is a place where enemies can't touch you, where He makes His Word alive to you, where you are transformed as you sit  with Him.


Guess what? Never leave the table!  Practice it.  Each morning invite the Holy Spirit to alert you when you are starting to leave the Table of His grace! Don't change tables!  Don't head over to the table of disobedience or the table of fear or the table of apathy.  There are many tables we can decide to occupy.  If you find yourself seated at the wrong table, back on up and regroup in the Word! Lift your hands to Him and draw near to Him by faith. He has prepared this table for us, even

in the presence of our enemies. He invites us to remain there with Him, filling our cup with His presence and joy and love. The Lord Himself has prepared this table, let's abide in the place He has prepared for us.  In all our business for Him, in all our responsibilities, on the inside we can remain at His table of love. His table is the best place to be. Thank you for inviting us Lord!

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