Tuesday, August 31, 2010


It's an awesome Tuesday and I really loved praying for you this morning.  Today's "lifewords" are on Praise. I pray you are greatly  encouraged.  

Blessed are those who have learned to shout praise to You. 

Lord, they live in the light of Your favor. 

All day long they are full of joy because of who You are. 

They praise You because You do what is right. 

You are their glory.  You give them strength. Ps. 89.15-17


As believers, we can learn to live an extraordinary lifestyle of praise! It is one of the most important aspects of our Christian journey. In this verse, we see that those who have learned to praise God, live in the light of His favor.  Wow! We experience His favor in our lives as we learn to be people of praise. All day long we can be full of JOY as we remember who He is. And....He will give us strength.  I need His strength so desperately for this journey don't you? What if we could teach our precious children  and the young people around us that a lifestyle of sincere praise brings God's favor and strength.  His presence is real. Everything else pales in comparison to the reality of Him.

How about this? Before you get out of bed, let your first words be words of thanks to your Lord. Thank Him for everything you can think of! Praise Him for Who He is and for His faithfulness. Throughout the day, stop and worship Him, tell Him you love Him.   You can do this anywhere! Praise has a voice. Praise is expressed. He is so worthy of all of our praise. He inhabits the praises of His people. Praise gets our eyes off of our circumstances and feelings and onto His greatness. Praise keeps our faith airborne.  Praise confounds and paralyzes our spiritual enemies.   Worship keeps us connected in an abiding relationship with the Master. In worship, there is life and peace and love. In worship, we can be saturated with His presence.  I love to worship with all that is in me on Sundays and Wednesdays and whenever I have the privilege of gathering with the family of God. But, worship is not a Sunday morning experience only! Worship is to be a lifestyle.  Especially when unexpected things happen!  We can on purpose decide to praise instead of get in fear.  A lifestyle of worship is always on purpose and deliberate. The last words on our lips before we go to sleep can be words of adoration to  God.

 And so, right here at my desk, and right where you are, we can stop and lift our hands to our King and begin to praise Him.  We can shut down all our many  thoughts and just love Him and thank Him and worship Him. As you draw near to Him by faith, He draws near to you.  Lord, thank you for rescuing me. I am so grateful, so thankful for your goodness. Thank you for loving me.  Thank you for redeeming me. Thank you for forgiving me........I praise you because you are my Lord. You are faithful. I praise you for You are the King of All, the Beginning and the End, You are my Healer, You are my Provider, You are my All in All...... Oh how wonderful You are.  Lord I worship you. I love you so. I adore you...... As we worship, a beautiful exchange begins to happen. We decrease, He increases. The Holy Spirit begins to bring to our remembrance wonderful promises from His Word....I will never leave or forsake you......I love you with an everlasting love....I am the Lord is there anything too difficult for Me?  In His presence, He will restore peace, faith and joy to us. Know today that all is well, because He is Lord and He loves us.  Let's learn to praise Him continually and on purpose!

Ps. 89:1

Lord, I will sing about your great love forever.

 For all time to come, I will tell how faithful you are!


Tomorrow, Sept 1! Join us in reading through the Gospels Psalms and Proverbs Sept. -December.
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