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 Hi it's an incredible Thursday and what an honor it was to pray for you today!  Thanks for reading "lifewords".  Its been so exciting focusing on knowing Jesus, based on Psalm 9:10..... "Those who know Your name will trust in You,  for You, Lord, have never forsaken those who see You."  When we know Him, we will trust Him."  When we know Him we will love Him. When we know Him, we will truly be His disciples.  When we know Him, we will not be moved off course by circumstances, feelings or battles.  Oh  our Lord is so wonderful, so amazing,  so faithful, so ever present!  I pray that this week's "lifewords" will truly impact your life as we meditate on the WORDS OF JESUS. The Red letter Words are the most important!  Regardless of the circumstances that might be screaming at you today,  I pray that the joy of the Lord will be your constant delight. You are His beloved one,  forever His, redeemed by His blood,   having access to His presence continually and whose days are ordained by Him.  He has given you His Name and authority in the earth.  The Holy Spirit lives in you and ministers His love through you to this world.   It's so important to think right!   We have to make our minds think according to God's Word. You are a blessing! Love, Amy




Today I want to look at what the Master said about worrying. It's so easy to worry isn't it? Jesus said don't do it.

 The seed of worry is fear.
You know who the author of fear is. 
The fruit of worry is  paralyzed faith.
 In Matthew


 Jesus repeats three times some very clear directions  to each of us.....

"Therefore I tell you

do not be anxious about your life......

v. 31 therefore do not be anxious... 

v. 34 therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow." 

Our Lord tells us not to be anxious or worried.

To be anxious is to be uneasy, disturbed or apprehensive

 about an uncertain event or situation,

to be pulled in different directions. 

The Old English root from which we get our word "worry"

  means "to strangle". 

 Doesn't it sometimes feel like we are being strangled by anxiety and stress?

 From a spiritual point of view, worry is wrong thinking (the mind)

 and wrong feeling (the heart) about circumstances,  people, and things.

Worry is the greatest thief of joy, the greatest thief of faith.

It is not enough for us, however, to tell ourselves to "quit worrying"

 because that will never capture the thief. 

 Worry will release its strangle hold when we  renew our

mind with God's Word. ... on purpose and continually.

  You cannot allow your mind to rehearse what is worrying you.

 Open up  God's Word, read it, study it, meditate on it, speak it, obey it, think about it, believe it. Remember Romans 12:2. "Don't be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you might know what is the good, acceptable and perfect will of God."

In Phil 4:6-7 Paul repeats the instructions of Jesus and  adds that prayer is the other key to victory over worry.

"Do not fret or have any anxiety about anything,

but in every circumstance and in everything

 by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving,

 continue to make your requests be made known to God.

And God's peace, which goes beyond anything we can imagine,

will guard your thoughts and emotions through Christ Jesus

 The antidote to worry is a secure, renewed mind and prayer!

Don't have any anxiety about anything. Do renew your mind to God's Word. 
Do Pray. Do petition.  Do give thanks in all.
But wave goodbye to worry, and anxiety, and fretting, and the  supernatural peace of God will guard and keep our thoughts and emotions in Christ Jesus. Practice saying this, "All is well, because Jesus Christ is the Lord of my life."
Through  the Bible Psalms and Proverbs in 40 Days
 Day 39/40  Proverbs 19  Psalms 140-145  Rev. 12-16
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